Data D-Day: Your guide to surviving the GDPR

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Learn about the role IT plays within the GDPR

We all know what the GDPR is by now and how it affects marketing, but a huge part of the GDPR is security and data management. Find out the role of IT within the GDPR and how you can use IT to ensure GDPR compliance.

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Protect your data from insider and outside threats

With the amount of data available in the world growing at an exponential rate, it's becoming more difficult to ensure data security. Find out about some of the leading data security solutions on the market and how you can implement them as part of your GDPR strategy.

Learn how to standardise your data whilst keeping it accessible

How is your data kept? Learn about how you can standardise how your data is stored and accessed, and how implementing data management solutions can help with security, data sovereignty and observation of data.

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