Teach yourself to #CLICKCLEVER and help protect your business, organisation or school from cyber attacks like Ransomware.

Cybercrime can be devastating to small and large businesses alike. No business, school or organisation can ever be completely safe from the threat of cyber attacks like Ransomware, malware and phishing. It's not a matter of if your business will be targeted, but when. No matter how strong your IT security infrastructure is, it often comes down to a single user clicking on a malicious link or attachment in an email.

The world needs to band together to fight cybercrime, and awareness is the first step. That's why Prodec Networks has created a library of resources to help organisations teach their employees and colleagues about how to use email safely and effectively in order to protect from common threats like phishing and Ransomware. Please use and share this resource library and teach yourself and your colleagues how to #CLICKCLEVER.


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Ransomware - don't get locked out of your own network!

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How do you remove Ransomware?

What do you do if you get Ransomware? Do you know how to safely remove it? Find out how you can you successfully stop the spread and mitigate the threat.

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What is Ransomware? Where has it come from?

What exactly is ransomware, and how can you protect yourself? Find out where it came from, what it does, and how you can protect your business.

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WannaCry: The true cost and scale of Ransomware

WannaCry has been running riot across the world and holding thousands of computer systems hostage. Learn what the lasting damage caused by the virus was here.

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Spot Ransomware with these 10 telltale signs

Ransomware is easy to detect when you know the telltale signs. Make sure you and your colleagues know these ten giveaways and say goodbye to Ransomware!

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3 methods to prevent Ransomware

Ransomware attacks can be devastating to your business. With attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, how can your business protect itself?

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Prevent your business from falling victim to ransomware

Free whitepaper: Don't let your business be held hostage!

Download this free security whitepaper from Prodec Networks and find out how to mitigate the threat of Ransomware, spot a potential Ransomware attack before it's too late, and utilise security awareness techniques.


Phishing: stay out of the cyber criminal's net.

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Gone phishing: the 5 phases of a phishing attack

Follow this infographic to help protect your organisation from one of the most deadly threats in the cyber security ocean - a phishing attack.

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Are you the next whale to be phished?

Nobody is immune from phishing, not even the CEO. Learn how to protect your corporate whales from phishing attacks in 4 easy steps.

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Is it phishing? Follow this flowchart to find out

Can you tell a legitimate email from a malicious email? Not sure? Follow our flowchart for a failsafe way to avoid clicking on infected links and attachments.

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Protect your business from social engineering

What is social engineering? Why does it work? Most importantly, how do you spot a social engineering attack before it's too late? Find out in this blog!

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How #CLICKCLEVER are your colleagues and employees?

It's time you put them to the test.

How confident are you in your colleague's ability to spot a malicious link or attachment before it's clicked, putting your IT assets at risk? Put them to the test with a simulated phishing email exercise.

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Security News - keep up with the cyber criminals.

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Petya Ransomware attack follows on the heels of WannaCry

Businesses around the world have once again been held hostage by a devastating Ransomware attack. Learn about Petya and how to protect yourself here.

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SentinelOne reveals the true threat of Ransomware

SentinelOne's recent report states that almost half of worldwide organisations have fallen victim to ransomware in 2016. See the true scale here.

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Worldwide ransomware attack WannaCry hits NHS hospitals

WannaCry is one of the biggest Ransomware attacks the world has ever seen. You may have avoided it, but how do you ensure you're safe next time?

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Cyber Security Conference 2016: A recap

We revisit the 2016 Cyber Security Conference and look at how the event explored phishing, endpoint security, and a live hack demonstration.

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SentinelOne: "Protection from ransomware is guaranteed"

Leading endpoint security specialist SentinelOne is so confident in its ransomware-busting security solution that it's offering a $1,000,000 "insurance" guarantee.

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Adult Friend Finder suffers massive data breach

Data breach alert! Learn about Adult Friend Finder, how they lost 400 million user logins, and how you can stop similar things from happening to you.

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Beat Ransomware over breakfast: 13th July 2017

Give your business the protection it deserves 

Join Prodec Networks on the 13th of July and learn how to successfully protect your business from malicious cyberthreats like Ransomware.

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