Your guide to creating a modern meeting room

How do you make your meeting rooms truly effective collaboration hubs?

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  • How to transform your meeting spaces into more modern collaboration hubs, which meet the challenges of our rapidly changing times.
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  • The hot, new technologies that are revolutionising a meeting room near you.

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Unite your workforce, wherever they’re based

At a time of great change, meeting rooms remain at the heart of good business, acting as collaboration hubs where the best and brightest can work together to achieve success.

You'll learn how up-to-the-minute tools and simple-to-use communication technology can enable your employees to safely and securely collaborate with colleagues and customers, wherever they’re based.

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From huddle rooms to boardrooms

Tailor the technology you use to the type of meeting space – whether small or large.

Discover the best tools to use in different-sized meeting spaces, to maximise collaboration in your business.

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Keep it simple!

Keeping your communication and collaboration tools simple to use will increase uptake and reduce meeting set-up time.

Learn how, with the right equipment in place across your meeting rooms, participants can effortlessly connect via a single platform, with a familiar interface, and achieve straightforward, seamless collaboration.

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