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Do you have a transparent view of what's happening on your network?

Prodec Networks works with leading cyber-security specialists to offer security and threat assessments. Prodec will provide you with a detailed report revealing the applications and threats exposing vulnerabilities in your security’s posture. Request a free review to learn:

  • Which applications are in use and their potential risk to exposure
  • Specific details on ways adversaries are attempting to breach the network
  • Application visibility to understand network utilisation, user productivity and bandwidth optimisation
  • Key areas to focus on for reducing your risk exposure
  • Help detecting current vulnerabilities and infections

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Attacks happen. Breaches don't have to.

Your network security review will provide visibility of URL traffic and content types, and catalogue all potential threats on the network - known and unknown - and those linked to user behaviour. Best of all, it will give you recommendations for dealing with the risks that are identified, reducing the chances of a successful breach.

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Do you have total visibility over your network?

Your security review will show you how your network is being utilised by internal staff, so that you can understand which applications are being utilised, as well as what your throughput, session and bandwidth usage requirements are.

About Prodec Networks

Prodec Networks is a leading UK-based IT and network solutions provider that specialises in the implementation and integration of network resources that ensure your organisation remains connected to its resources and peers around the clock. Security always plays a key role in these integrations, and is never reviewed as an addon after the initial migration has occurred.

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