Ransomware and Phishing awareness:

It's time to put your employees to the test!

Are you confident that 100% of your employees can successfully identify a potential phishing or ransomware email? Why not put them to the test?

Request your free test to see how Prodec can help you to:

  • Send customisable simulated phishing emails to employees in order to see who is "phish-prone"
  • Enroll employees into online security awareness training courses, available through a simple dashboard
  • Report on progress as your business becomes more aware of unsavory emails. 
  • Protect your business from user error by highlighting the dangers of not being "click clever".

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Help teams identify real phishing and ransomware emails.

A simulated phishing program from Prodec Networks allows you to send a "real" cyber attack to your employees to gauge weak spots while teaching your teams about email security awareness and the threat of ransomware and phishing.

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Create bespoke 'phishing' emails tailored to your employees.

Whale phishing and email spoofing is an aggressive yet effective method of capturing contact information or distributing ransomware. Create tailored emails designed to emulate this style of cyber attack and reduce the threat of a successful attack

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Be proactive with your ransomware security.

Avoid unnecessary disaster recovery costs or a loss of business integrity due to phishing, by proactively teaching your employees. Complementary training programs and analytics allow you to track and improve your security awareness as an organisation over time.

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